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Welcome to Hippypunk's Personal Website.

Joey of the Ramones. Click here for a list of Ramones websites. Hippyland Hippy magazine. Jim Morrison of the Doors. Click here for the Doors official website.

The title of the rest of my site is "Hippypunk's Starry-eyed Love Page" possibly leading one to ask,"Just what is a 'Hippypunk'? This is a very good question, and I quess the only real answer would be ME! As for WHO I am its pretty simple, I am a young adult male living in North America, I am a movie FANATIC! I love just about every genre of movie. But two of my favorite genres are; Science Fiction/Fantasy, and Childrens movies. I enjoy all sorts of music. I also enjoy a lot of animated TV stuff like Beavis and Butthead, and The Simpsons. I also enjoy reading. Similarly the two favorite genres that I appreciate most are; Childrens books and Science Fiction/Fantasy.

I am trying to be a spiritual person. I strive to appreciate all of God's wonderful creations. I especially love children, beautiful girls, and women. I would hope that everyone who visits my site does so as well!

Please love and appreciate God's greatest gifts to us, don't harm them!

In conclusion, I guess I never really got around to growing up! I had other stuff on my mind and more important things to do!! And I don't plan on doing it anytime soon! Now you know pretty much everything important that there is to know about me, so please take a moment and browse my personal links. There is an index to the rest of my site at the bottom of this page.


Joey Ramone. Click here for Ramones links. Hippyland Hippy Magazine. Jim Morrison of the Doors. Click here for the Doors official website.
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"There is no world I know that can compare with pure imagination. Living there you'll be free, if you truly wish to be." Willy Wonka

Starlets and Image links.
Nex Starlets Formerly Nex's Teen Starlets.
Donut's Pigtails Heaven: A nice website devoted to twin braded cuties!
Photovoyer's website Some truly beautiful young girl pictures.
Dreamweaver's Child Starlets A massive collection of vidcaps and information about young starlets.
Michelle Trachtenberg links to Michelle Trachtenberg fansites.
Michelle Trachtenberg a collection of Vidcaps from Harriet the Spy starring Michdelle Trachtenberg! One of my favorite movies!
MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE!!!!! Michelle will be starring in the Real Inspector Gadget movie soon, along with Matthew Broderick. This site also features interviews, and Michelle's poetry, pics and much much more!
The First Nona F Mecklenberg Web site This is the first ever web page dedicated entirely to Nona F Mecklenberg, from "The Adventures of Pete and Pete". Nona can be seen in Pete and Pete only on Nickelodeon. She is played by Michelle Trachtenberg
Michelle Trachtenberg links to Michelle Trachtenberg fansites.
Michelle Trachtenberg a collection of Vidcaps from Harriet the Spy starring Michdelle Trachtenberg! One of my favorite movies!
Touring With Tara Lipinski
Scarlett Johansson fan site links page.
A Tribute to Young Starlets.

News and Online Magazines.
Hippyland Hippy Magazine. Resources for all hippies young and old!
Disinformation. The subculture search engine.
The Internet Movie Database A comprehensive guide to movies.
UTNE Reader: the best of the alternative media.
Salon Magazine: A fantastic alternative voice.
Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal: encourages the critical investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims from a responsible, scientific point of view
The Freelance Journal.
Dendry's: Cambium. A tree is a mystery that branches outward into levels and levels of change and understanding, a symbol with millenia of connotations, a good metaphor for the branchings and iterations of human thought, which are all connected in some way. of branches, and in the building of layers.
The Radical Philosophy Association. Founded in 1982, RPA members struggle against capitalism, racism, sexism, homophobia, environmental ruin, and all other forms of domination. We also oppose substituting new forms of authoritarianism for the ones we are now fighting.

Thought provoking and fun links that don't fit into any other categories.
Obsessive Fan Sites: excess that only the internet can provide!
Compendium of Misunderstood Lyrics.

Sexuality information and resources.
Masturbation Resources Guide. "I mean we've all done it!", Parenthood. A yahoo page of Masturbation resource links. These links should not contain anything pornographic, only articles, techniques and viewpoints on the world's safest sex.
Avatar's Sex Info Page A great resource for positive sexuality.
Sexual Addiction Recovery Resources.
Nancy Friday's homepage.
Camille Paglia's website.

Please use this index to explore the rest of my site.

Home Page: My Tripod homepage.
My Mirror: My Geocities homepage.
My Books Page: Suggested reading, literature links, some fun stuff.
Christina Ricci Love Page: A page devoted to one of my favorite actresses.

NexStarlets. A great place for teen starlet pictures, from a really cool person!

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