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Welcome to Hippypunk's Starry-eyed Christina Ricci Love Page!

Please bear with me as I update. Some images once found here are obviously no longer available. I will be updating tonight!

Welcome to Hippypunk's Starry-eyed Christina Ricci Love Page. I think Christina is one of the most talented and attractive actresses around today. I adore that cute little face, her small hands, and her pale skin. I also respect her independant and strong spirit. Just scroll down to view my thumbnails, and for links to more Christina Ricci information.

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The Christina Ricci Smoking Page.
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In an attempt to make this page a little more creative I have included many of my own original
Christina Ricci creations.

Just click on the thumbnail to view the full size picture.

NexStarlets. A great place for teen starlet pictures, from a really cool person!

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